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 “We Take Care Of All The Hard Work For You
When You’re Looking To Find That


Kiss Your Home Search Frustration Goodbye For Good!

We understand that finding a fantastic rental that fits all your needs and desires can be an overwhelming and many times, daunting task. Many times it can take hours upon hours of searching through various online ads or listings, and all you end up finding are rentals that simply are not a perfect fit for you.

Are you simply FED UP with…

    ·  Making call after call on homes with NO success?
    ·  Finding out that the units you DO want are not available?
    ·  “Trolling” Craigslist day after day looking for that right place?(rental clients)
    ·  Being told units are “Pet Friendly”…yet they only take cats, not dogs?
    ·  The TIME it takes to search, and would rather have someone do it for you?

It’s time to STOP looking through all those listings wasting your time…

We’ve created a better way to find the perfect home that’s quick and easy! Here at ARE brokerage we’d like to offer you a custom search based on YOUR needs. Basically, we’ll do all searching for you to find that perfect match!

We Only Deliver Exactly What You Want Most!

Our highly skilled and professionally Licensed Brokers & Leasing Agents are uniquely trained in the art of eliminating all the “fluff” and nonsense, so you can only get the results that you want. We simply deliver exactly what you want…nothing else. Our passion is helping people just like yourself, and we’re not 100% happy until you are!

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